A team of passionate cultural professionals

Cités Immersives, an innovative company committed to bringing French history and its rich cultural heritage to the widest possible audience, presents its first space: the Cité Immersive Viking, in Rouen.

While 83% of French people express a keen interest in history, Cités Immersives is inventing a new model of cultural venue: a space offering a historical and scientific proposition in a unique immersive scenography designed to immerse the visitor on a grand tour of French history through the prism of its local heritage. Cités Immersives sheds new light on the heroes and legends that have shaped French history and the cultural richness of our regions, in a melting pot of influences unique in Europe.

First of a nationwide network of Cités Immersives, the Cité Immersive Viking offers an educational and entertaining experience to discover the fascinating world of the Vikings in Normandy, in order to tell their story. Following incessant Viking invasions, Rollon (or Rolf le Marcheur), the region’s Viking warrior leader, allied himself with Emperor Charles III and was baptized in Rouen in 911. He then became Count of Rouen, paving the way for the creation of the Duchy of Normandy. This marked the beginning of an iconic integration process in the history of our country, the effects of which Normandy still carries today.