Patronage & Philhantropy

Lumières d'Histoire is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people who are far removed from history, heritage and local culture. It operates throughout Normandy

Lumières d’Histoire develops numerous partnerships with local organizations to promote multi-generational exchanges for underserved audiences. Through various free cultural events, historical cultural visits, and thematic conferences, Lumières d’Histoire establishes long-term relationships to finance these actions with social actors in the region.

The first partnership: Lumières d'Histoire and the Charles Nicolle Foundation, a trust story

Based at the Rouen University Hospital, "The association offers young people and adults at the Rouen University Hospital a chance to get away from their everyday lives. The Lumières d'Histoire association has chosen the Charles Nicolle Foundation as the first partner for its actions, and wishes to ensure that patients in the various care sectors benefit from them: disability, geriatrics and pediatrics in particular. Working with Lumières d'Histoire is a great opportunity to benefit from their fun and captivating approach to heritage!" Bérangère GRÉMY, Patronage Delegate - Charles Nicolle Normandy Foundation.