Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure that takes you back to the Viking Age! Through the 6 rooms of the journey and with cutting-edge technologies,
you will travel through time to discover, experience,
and feel history come to life.


of unique


of innovative scenography

0-99 years

A visit for all audiences

Discover the incredible story of Normandy, the land of the Northmen. Over 1000 years ago, a new threat descended upon Western Europe: gold-hungry Vikings landed from Scandinavia. How, through an astonishing political pact, did the Viking leader become the founder of the Norman Empire?

The various rooms

Historical rooms

45 mins of wandering
600m² of immersive settings

Explore 5 spaces that trace the major chapters of the Viking settlement in Normandy: the attacks, the encampments, the peace, and the legacy.

A succession of video portraits, collectible objects, historical settings, sensory experiences, and multimedia will unveil the true face of the first Normans.

Hall of dreams

25 mins of show
360° immersive video projection

Experience the history of Normandy and its Viking heritage with poetry, follow in the footsteps of Rollon the Walker, embark on explorations to the ends of the earth, and discover the conquest of England and Sicily.

In a dreamlike and contemplative room, settle in comfortably and let yourself be carried away by a creation from Atelier BK that will take you on a journey through time and space.

Our partners

Nota Bene

Nota Bene is a partner for the creation of educational video segments presented in the course. Nota Bene launched its historical channel on YouTube in 2014 and has 2.45 million subscribers.

“In each room, Nota Bene Runes tell the story of the first Normans through mini videos.”

Ateliers BK

The studio specialized in the design and production of monumental video spectacles, light shows, and immersive narrative experiences is producing an original and spectacular creation: the Dream Hall.

“Experience the history of Rollo, William the Conqueror, and the Normans of Sicily in a 360° immersion from the walls to the floor.”

Convergence Image

The director Alban Vian, who created the documentary “Rollo – In the Footsteps of the First Norman,” worked with the Cités Immersives teams to produce all the video portraits for the Viking Immersive City.

“Each character from that era, whether real or plausible, is portrayed by an actor who provides them with a voice, emotion, and presence.”

Ateliers BK

Ubisoft is a partner in an educational video setup presented in the Campgrounds Room, created using the video games Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Discovery Tour: Viking Age.

“Learn about the life of the Vikings, from Scandinavian halls to shipyards, including Norse mythology and the Siege of Paris.”

A unique experience in the world
to live history with passion

The sensory experience

Dive into an exhibition that stimulates your 5 senses, transporting you to the 9th and 10th centuries. With a 360° immersion, explore contemplation, sensation, and interact with hearing, smell, touch, taste, and vision.


Become the main actor of this sensory discovery! To guide you, scenic devices line your journey: video walls, 3D sound design experiences, historical reconstructions, and immersive scenography, as well as evocative fragrances of the Vikings’ passage.

The narrative experience

Dive into a captivating narrative experience: follow a chronological story through the fascinating destinies of William and Adela, the children of Rollon. They will take you on a journey through time to relive the extraordinary history of their father, exiled from Scandinavia to conquer the riches of the Carolingian empire.


With the help of innovative scenic devices such as striking sound effects, texts to discover via dedicated multimedia tools, evocative images, and stories transmitted by those who crossed paths with the Vikings, as well as a multitude of archaeological objects and artifacts, you will have the opportunity to reconstruct the extraordinary saga of Rollon.

The educational experience

Explore this immersion, which combines entertainment and intellectual enrichment. Be curious and search for clues that will allow you to uncover all the mysteries our journey holds! To delve into specific subjects, a wide range of multimedia resources and immersive devices will accompany you on your quest for knowledge.


Thanks to interactive touch screens offering maps and timelines, educational videos animated by historians and subject experts, as well as labels brimming with intriguing clues, become an expert on the fascinating history of the Normandy Vikings.

The playful experience

Dive into a playful immersion at the heart of heritage and its hidden treasures! Experience history in an entertaining and engaging way. The Cité Immersive Viking offers a multitude of tools to make this experience as enjoyable as possible: games and puzzles hidden in the scenography, interactive setups where you can immerse yourself in the setting, such as the photocall throne, DIY crafting workshops, and the opportunity to encounter Vikings strolling among visitors, adding an unexpected touch to your exploration!

Did you know?

The word Normandy' comes from the contraction of “North Man“,
“The Men of the North“ !

Scientific council

Vincent Samson

Medieval historian, recognized specialist in ancient Nordic civilization, and author of a thesis on the “wild warriors” of the Viking age translated into several languages, Vincent Samson has brought all his scientific expertise to immerse visitors in the heart of history, with rigor and passion.


“The scientific project of the Viking Immersive City is unique in the cultural landscape. For the first time, the Scandinavian history of Normandy is highlighted through a journey that is both demanding and entertaining, illustrating an exceptional historical phenomenon: the intrusion of the Vikings into a region of France which they gradually colonized, before taking control of it, assimilating to their new environment with prodigious speed. In such a way that this territory was eventually given the name Normandy, land of the men of the North.”

the Viking