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The Cité Immersive Viking offers preferential conditions for hosting your team members.


Let us take you on a captivating journey through the fascinating history of Rollo, the first Viking who became Norman. Our immersive tour immerses you in the heart of the 9th and 10th centuries to discover the origins of Normandy.

Two experiences are available to you :


  • The immersive experience can be enjoyed alone or with companions: we offer discounted tickets starting from 20 tickets ordered. All conditions are detailed in the downloadable documents
  • A day on the Viking theme : a 100% Norman immersion ! (go to Workshops page)


Our vikings 2.0 are ready to make your day extraordinary, unusual, and playful. Explore the traces of Rollo, the first Viking, who first walked on Rouen to plunder the city, then to rebuild the destroyed abbeys and churches. In this journey, an unforgettable stop at the Immersive Viking City, with its captivating sensory and narrative course.

From 20 tickets purchased

The preferential rate applies to any purchase of a minimum of 20 tickets


of an extraordinary experience


of innovative scenography

0-99 years

a visit for all visitors