Enhance your discovery with the Viking Apprentice’s Notebook!

du 15/06 au 31/12

à 10h30

Visit the Cité Immersive Viking with your family!

Whether young or old, the fascinating story of Rollon, the first Viking turned Norman, will captivate you. With the Viking Apprentice’s Notebook available at the reception (for children aged 4 to 12), you can learn while having fun, discovering little-known knowledge and anecdotes! Dive into the adventures of Guillaume, Rollon’s son, who relies on your help to solve puzzles throughout the journey. If you have the soul of a Viking, put your talents to work to help Guillaume decipher these valuable clues and embark on a journey into the unknown. Step through the time portal and explore all the mysteries of the Cité Immersive Viking in parallel.

On the program: learn how to decipher the runic alphabet, draw a drakkar’s bowhead, and meet famous people who followed in Rollon’s footsteps. Many surprises await you in this Viking Apprentice’s Notebook, so don’t forget to pick it up at the entrance for an enriching and entertaining experience!